Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to create a country-style utility room

Add plenty of storage
Get organised in your utility room, especially if space is tight. Fit shelves above the sink for storing vases and keep taller flower buckets in the cupboards underneath.


Pick colourful blinds
Utility rooms don't have to be dull. Add interest with a bright blind in a graphic print. 


Invest in rustic accessories
Cut flowers with an easy-to-spot pair of secateurs then carry them indoors for arranging in a rustic wicker trug.


Choose helpful accessories
A book stand makes instructions easier to read while you're learning to arrange flowers.


Store shoes neatly
Store plimsolls and slippers neatly and tidily in drawstring bags and hang from a peg rail.


Keep cleaning equipment in a retro tin
Keep brushes and polish in a tin. Pick one with a blackboard label so you can list the contents. 


Make space for a shoe rack
Leave just-cleaned and polished shoes to air and dry on a strudy trolley or rack before you return them to storage. 


Hide away ironing boards
Keep ironing boards, brooms and vacuum cleaners out of sight in a dedicated cupboard and hang up the feather duster and dustpan and brush. 


Create a washing corner
Keep laundry free from snags by choosing a linen basket with a fabric liner. 


Protect with oilcloths
PVC-coated and oilcloth fabrics make practical wipe-down covers for tables and work surfaces. Store  cleaning products in an enamel pail.

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